Real Estate Law - Canada



Real estate law has become the driving force behind the purchase, sale and rental of homes, apartments, condominium and commercial properties (offices, industrial, agricultural, etc.). The legal aspects of the property market need to be understood to optimize your results, such that you are able to get the greatest possible value for your real estate investment. At such, it is absolutely essential that you come to understand both your opportunities with respect to the property and the legal rights (and vulnerabilities) associated with the risk nature of both residential and commercial real estate transactions. 

Real estate law deals with a full range of aspects relating to commercial and residential transactions and investments. This field of law involves issues related to the purchase and sale of property, including financing and development, construction contracts, real estate investments, property management, environmental compliance, and litigation relating to these areas. Real estate lawyers provide their clientele with legal and practical advice concerning all of these matters. The lawyers also assist their clientele navigate through the governmental zoning restrictions and land use regulations necessary in order to move a real estate project forward.
Real estate lawyers who work on commercial and industrial real estate projects tend work in the real estate departments of large firms or for the actual corporation that owns and/or is constructing the building. Other real estate lawyers work for the government, in the building and zoning departments of counties and municipalities. Real estate lawyers may also work for corporations, real estate development companies, financial or lending institutions, or title companies.



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